Brand History

GERHARD S. KOCH was born in 1858 in the city of Neuss Deutschland. He grew up in the state of Dusseldorf where he graduated with an architect and interior designer degree. Later on he got married to a Greek woman and he continued his career in Athens Greece where he helped with the interior design of the greek congress as well with the built and interior design of the old Greek observatory. In 1909 he past away at the age of 51. His name is now engraved on a plaque inside the old greek observatory. The brand was established by his great grandson Nondas Galanis which is the owner and brand ambassador in order to tribute his great grandfather's generosity to the country of Greece based on his full legal name and face logo, which now is an official International Trademark ®.

Gerhard Koch is a Premium Clothing Brand where its Headquarters are located in United States. The brand's theory is based on quality and detail.